Barry's Blog: Don't Deal With A Dealer-Incurred-Charge: 10-02-17


Don't Deal With A DIC (Dealer-Incurred-Charge)

Ahh, the dreaded fine print.  It seems like it's everywhere these days.  Sometimes it seems that the less fine print listed, the more suspicious one should be.  Have you ever wondered what fine print just thickens the bottom line on a car deal?

While I cannot speak for all dealers, at Grand Ledge Ford, our fine print simply details out our math so there is nothing to be surprised about.  We list the incentives that make the price that of the price we're advertising.  Usually we'll also list a stock #, and vehicle identification number so you know we actually have vehicles that qualify.  Then, of course a breakout of the fees, interest rate and/or lease terms.

I know what you're thinking; "There you go Barry, you're adding fees as well!  You're just as bad as all the others!"  Well, I know we operate a cut above the competition, but yes, there are fees.  The word fees just puts a lump in your stomach, doesn't it?  Fees... they are everywhere, and we're convinced that we're the only one that pays them.

The truth is, we all pay them, me, you, family, and friends.  If any dealer says they are waiving fees, please know they masked that amount somewhere else.  But, there are fees that you should be aware of, and question when you read the fine print on the deal presented to you.  Legitimate fees that you can't escape include sales tax, title fee, and a plate transfer fee.  Those are all required by the state of Michigan, and they have to be paid by law.

The fees that should make you question your dealer is the Dealer Incurred Charge or DIC as it is often abbreviated in advertisements.  That is an arbitrary fee many dealers will add.  Many use it to make up for that extra generous trade-in amount they offered you, or for that price that can't be beat.  It's deceitful, and a practice we don't follow at Grand Ledge Ford.  When you purchase a vehicle from Grand Ledge Ford, our sales consultants and finance team will make sure every charge is explained to you, and answer any questions you have so you know we are operating with transparency.

Drive happy, because we're always working hard for you.

-Barry Merrill