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Luxury Buyers Are Loving Lincoln!

We have a lot to celebrate in 2018 with our Lincoln division.  About a month ago, we were rated Michigan's Lincoln Dealer of the Year by AGAIN!  Then just last week, JD Power ranked Lincoln #1 (tied with Mercedes) in sales satisfaction!  Lincoln also ranked as one of the most dependable Luxury brands when reviewing 3-year ownership.  No other dealer in the area can claim to be the best dealer representing one of the best brands in regards to sales experience!

The new models are also garnering serious praise.  Auto blogger Doug Demuro said the 2018 Navigator was one of the best new cars he's driven, and of the Black Label edition he drove "is worth $100,000".

If you are considering a luxury vehicle, then it is obvious that you want the best, and want to work with the best.  Give us a call at 517-627-8100 and talk to one of our Lincoln specialists about Lincoln Luxury.

Drive happy, because we're always working hard for you.

-Barry Merrill